Postal Money Order Fraud

Here is an unusual situation that just happened to me:

A woman contacted me about photographing an event on April 1st of this year – a memorial service for her late father.  She wanted family groups photographed as well as some candid images of the people attending.  Her language was very broken in the email saying things like; “Please let me know how convinent it would be for you in other to plan ahead…” Kind of weird, but not necessarily a red flag some people have a hard time communicating via email.

As the event is drawing near – I sent her a note to have her call with a credit card, meet me at my studio or send me a payment to hold the date. This is when it got interesting.

Today she sent me a FedEx Package that contained about $2000 in Postal Money Orders, (the deposit should have been $1600).  The FedEx package came from a company in Illinois called General Control.

Since most of my customers don’t want to pay MORE than they need to, I thought this was a little fishy.  However, since I didn’t know for sure, I had to cover my bases so I didn’t not show up to an event that people expected me at.

I went back in my emails and found that the event was going to be at the Palm Event Center in Livermore. I gave them a call and found that nothing had been booked on April 1 for them.  Red Flag.  However, it would be possible that a different location was chosen and they didn’t let me know yet.

Next, I took a look at the Postal Money Orders that they sent me:


Fake Money Orders


As they looked good with their sliver ink and multi colored paper, however the person who they were from, (Ashley Smith) was neither my email contact or the person who sent the Fed Ex. Another Red Flag, so I went online to check and see if the Money Orders were indeed real.

The site I ended up at was United States Postal Service to see what a Money Order should look like.  Here is what I found:


Money Orders from the USPS

These Money Orders don’t look anything like what I received (is this a big enough red flag?).  They should have a watermark of Ben Franklin on it as well as a multi-colored security thread running though the paper. Mine were way off.

For confirmation, I called and finally got through to the United States Postal Service Inspectors to tell me if the serial numbers were infact invalid -they were.

For even more follow up I called the company, General Control that was listed on the Fed Ex packet to see if I could talk to the person who sent me the Fed Ex.  My thought was if it was some sort of scam – this woman is investing at least in a FedEx overnight package.  Since the first name of the person sending me the Fed Ex packet was almost identical to my emailer,  I figured why not call.  I spoke to a person at their company to find out that their FedEx account number had been stolen and had been used to send out over 50 fake FedEx packages, mine was one of them.


Fed Ex Return Address


OK, I’m not an idiot, now I am sure it’s a scam – but how do they get anything out of it.  I doubted that there would be anyone at the shoot next Friday so how would they profit from this scam?  It only took a few minutes to get the email hook.  I sent them a note, saying I had received the Fed Ex and in it was MORE money than I had expected, I went on to say, shall I just credit them for more hours or add on prints to their order?

Here is the email response from Melisa, my contact. I turns out she has a pretty good command of the English language after all:

Hi Terry,

I just contacted my associate and he said that he misunderstood me concerning the instruction I gave to him as regards the amount he was supposed to send to you . I am very sorry for this mistake.

Actually he was supposed to send you $1000 as the first initial deposit and send the balance $950 to my  touristguide in china.  he has been waiting for the money so she can start making preparation for the booking of hotels of our guest who will be coming from china for this service .

What I want you to do now is to take  the money order to your Bank and deposit the payment in your account to get cash out, and just deduct money for the initial deposit as agreed and have the rest balance sent to him on the below information.

First name – Xin
Last name -Xie
Adres- 137 TAOJIN LU
City -guangzhou
Country – CHINA
ZIP CODE 10004

You can deduct the western union fees from the balance and send the rest as instructed. I will balance you up after the conclusion of the service. Please transfer and send me the below information so that i can forward it to her to pick it up immediately.

1. Sender’s Name
2. Reference Number
Thanking you in anticipation of your favorable assistance.
Await your urgent reply.



It turns out, reporting this sort of thing is a hassle all onto itself.  After spending quite a bit of time on-line and on telephone-voice-prompt-hell, the US Postal Inspectors were pretty useless.  One representive suggested I try to deposit the money orders at the bank, what?

The group that did respond was my Alameda County Sheriff’s Department - they took a report, my email conversations with the scammer, and they took bogus money orders with them. Hopefully  that is the end of it.

So needless to say I’m not shooting their event on April 1, (April Fools Day) after all.


David - Hey Terry,
It seems like you have all of the fun. Makes you wonder why how they got the name “Postal Service”, eh?. Most of the government agencies are so bogged down with staffing and worried about their upcoming raises, they don’t have time to catch someone stealing or committing fraud via their service. I had a case similar to that, and I got the same results from the phone chain forwarding and final “Not much we can do.” answer.

I am glad you didn’t cash those checks. I don’t know how good the photography business is in Folsom prison, but it is probably not something you would enjoy.

Thanks for another great tip. We all have to be on our toes, whether it be in photography business or something else.

Roxana - A similar event has happened to us, from a person named melisa cavuoto. I just want to know what did you do, or what did the police do towards this scam? Were the people found?

Terry - Roxana,

The police took all the evidence and said they would look into it. They haven’t told me if they made any headway on the case. The scammers seemed careless on some of their moves, so they might indeed get caught. I’ll post if anything changes. Did you lose any money? What was your story?

Roxana - About the EXACT same thing that happened to you, us as a photography business, “Melisa” wanted a photoshoot, a ‘remembrance service for her dad’ for todays date.
We did not lose any money because we thought it was suspicious once we recieved the money order of $975, from a person named Ashley.
Please keep me informed if anything happens, or if you need evidence from my story for this case.

Cory Wolfe - Terry a similar situation just happen to me!
I was contacted via email about possible modeling job
email was very similar to the one you recieve.
He said his name was John Bullock
yesturday i recieved a fedex package with two postal money order
checks both for $875.43 from Ashley Turner in Florida
the Fedex package was from somewhere in California
Both of my checks have to same 000008002 code same as yours.
the watermarks were off and not consistant!

Terry - Cory, If you haven’t already, contact the company where the FEDEX came from – they may not know that someone has their account and is using it fraudulently. Help not make it easy for these people to waste our time and money.

Brenda - Hi, same thing happened to me, except this time they have changed money order companies. They sent me $975.00 using “Money Gram”. The same address and person, identically, is the same person you were requested to send your money to. Mine was sent by FEDEX, as well. I was approached by e-mail for a “Mystery Shoppers” job. I was approached in the same manner..received and e-mail by a “Dr. Robert Denise” (?) He stated to cash the Money Gram and included in the FEDEX package the Money Order and instructions for my first “shop”. Further, he explained to get the Money Order cashed and keep the balance of $100.00 for my shopping commission. Also, he said to send the balance to another Mystery Shopper for their assignment. Well, it was to be sent to the same exact person, same location as you were told to do!! What they really want you to do is have you deposit the Money Order into YOUR own bank and pull the rest out of your bank, within a 24 hr. period,as by then it won’t be found as a “Fake”…that comes later, when your money is confiscated by your bank to cover a bad Money Order…and no one will cash these Money Orders outside of a bank!! The recipient of your Money Order, though, walks away happily with $875.00 in their hands!! I am going to look into this further, as you are doing, as there has to be some sort of recourse to this “scam”!! Maybe a class action suit could be obtained, but we need to investigate further into all writing of Companies and so forth. The company name whose address appears in upper left corner of FEDEX envelope is as follows; From: Dennis Hunt,Sudden Systems, 12436 FM 1960 W, Ste. 106, Houston, TX. I have looked into “Sudden Systems” on internet and they seem to be a “consulting and computer firm” out of Houston, but consulting what? and for whom? It seems they may be a reputable company according to Web-site. I, have also,looked for the person who sent me the money order, but can’t seem to find a listing on him, but he is also, part of the scam, as well. This has GOT TO BE STOPPED!!! I’m with you…let’s do something!!
Let me hear from you, please!! Thanks.

Terry - I found the company that sent the FED EX was reputable. They just had their FED EX account number stolen. Did you lose any money?

Brian - He just got me but I got 3 postal codes were the money was going his ip which probaly ain’t much but I got a number and talked to him he even disguised his voice what a coward. If the info I got can help catch this plug let me know.

Brian - He is getting better mine had the Ben Franklin watermark

Donna - I just received one today from someone in Corona, CA. It was in a USPS Express Mail envelope with nothing else except this money order for $950.00. I called my local police department and they are coming to investigate it. But I also filled out a online form for a mystery shopper position. I get them all the time and usually ignore them. Now I will continue to IGNORE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy - I was just emailed day before yesterday with what I believe to be this same scam. This person wanted to order something from my online site and wanted to pay by money order. He asked that I send him the total and he would send a money orfer. I advised him to go online and order from my website. I got an instant email saying that he would have loved to do that but his credit card had been hacked. I sent him a total and the next morning got an urgent message that the money order has been sent BUT it was made for an amount slightly higher than what the products cost. His secretary put my name on a money order intended for his travel agent. Not a problem he says,,just deposit the money order when I get it and western union him the overpayment. Will see if I get this fake money order. What should I do with it? Who can I report it to?

Terry - Report it through your local authorities. Don’t expect a lot to be done from them, though. Good luck.

serenity - I just got one today!950.00 and the whole secret shopper scam too.

kendra - Same thing here …but the first time it wasa check through wells fargo ..thrn next two money orders..and i saved both email address

Heather - Hey terry, I just received couple of money orders that look just the same as you received via UPS.I notice they are the same like the person just printed one and copied it and then handwritten information on each. and they the date on them was from months ago.This unknown person uses different names on everything as well and didn’t even have a company name or phone numbers. Although I’m not great at, I did recognize that their sentence structure is strange. I am glad, I didn’t go cash them before I researched what money orders really look like.

Terry - Glad you didn’t get caught up.

anita - I just received 2 US Postal money orders today. I was told they were for a mystery shopping assignment. They were both in the amount of $975. Looks like our scammer is getting better because these had the Ben Franklin watermark, but they have the same number (000008002) as yours and others who have commented. As soon as I received these money orders, I knew they were fake. I purchase money orders from the post office all of the time and I know what they are supposed to look like. I plan to email their “representative” and tell Ms. Jennifer Bakes thanks for sending me fraudulent money orders. I guarantee that she wont send me anything else. I am just glad that I didnt try to cash them.

linda - I just received 2 Postal money orders today via UPS. I had replied to a mystery shopper only because it was from career builder (which it actually wasn’t). After I had replied i looked into Secret Shopper and read all about the scams. I never corresponded w/ them again and then….today I received the 2 money orders for $985.75 each! MY TOTAL TIP OFF WAS THE 1ST LINE OF THE 1 PAGE LETTER…”AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE THE PAYMENT, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PROCEED TO YOUR BANK AND HAVE THE PAYMENT DEPOSITED. AFTERWARDS WITHDRAW THE AMOUNT NEEDED TO BE TRANSFERRED VIA WESTERN UNION, AFTER DEDUCTING YOUR $200.”
They are getting better as my money orders had Ben Franklin on them. Will either take to UPS and send back or take to police.

JAYNE - iwas sent the same info as linda
i was looking into the mystery shpper job
i was sent 2 postal money orders in the amount of $995 each i was to deposit them in my bank in the next 24 hours . then deduct the $200 fee wihich was to pay me then i was to send the balance to some one in the philippines .
that is what got me thinking .
i sent them an e-mail and told them why would i be paid up front for a job i didn’t even do yet.
and why don’t they just sent me my portion of the fee only. why do i have to send any moneys to a third party.
should i report this to the police or just through it all out

Terry - It wouldn’t hurt to report it. At least you didn’t get stuck.

Rani - me and my mom answered a ad on craigslist for first impressions car wrap. they informed us that 2 money orders will be sent to our address and for us to go deposit them into our bank accounts and then withdrawl the money and keep our first payment of 200 and then send the rest back via western union to a Coles Maurice
Address: 132 49 88th Street
Ozone Park, NY 11417
it was a Frank Cotts that emailed us both but the sender of the money orders was a Benjamin Goldberg the money orders were made out for 935.00 and the routing number was the same as others (000008002) they aren’t just doing the secret shopper scams they are doing many more. im just going to tear them up and let it be because i know no one can do anything about it. i have more important stuff to take care of.

Dragan - Hey Terry,

There’s always one way to tell if the money orders are real. Those were in 18721503209 and the next was 18721503210. Postal money orders are never given out in back-to-back numbers. Ever. And truthfully, working with the government, it’s a fact that they do it as well. It’s a scam by the government and the people who have the means to do so. I’m sorry you got scammed and you should always look out for them.

Thank you,
Dragan Savage

Terry - This may be good information that the money order numbers are never in back-to-back numbers – though it is not verified. As far as this scam being perpetrated by the government? That has not been verified either.

Li - I’m curious…how did it end with the fake client,..didn’t they contact you again looking for the money?

Terry - No they never did. My guess is that they send a request for cash – if they get it great – otherwise they move on.

Amber - Something quite similar happened to me. I was contacted through my email about a personal assitant job and since I had been looking for a job and had gone to a couple of different site to help get me one it didn’t seem very weird. This guy claimed to be an arcitect and just needed a personal assitant while he was overseas on a consulting job for the next three months and needed someone to take care of his affairs until he got back. I would be picking up his mail, cashing his checks from the architecture firm he worked at and whatever other tasks he needed done. I of course wanted to know about how payments would work. He said I would cash the money orders and take out the agreed amount for my payment and then wire the rest him. Luckily my roommates inability to ever give me my mail results in the money orders getting lost in a stack of papers for two months on top of the refridgerator. I wrote him off as a flake and continued on with my life. When I finally did find them while doing some cleaning on a very well deserved day off they looked to the T exactly like the ones you have and I contacted him but all he was worried about was my cashing them and it seemed a little fishy that he hadn’t wondered what had happened the last two month so I stuck them in my wallet and to his day it is where they sit. Thank god for flaky roommates is all I have to say.

Terry - Interesting story. Though I would not keep them in my wallet – as they are very likely counterfeit and it may be against the law to even have them. Good luck.

Jonathan peeples - Someone send me two what can I do to help

Terry - Just report it to the police and let others know its a scam.

ann - this is same exact situation i experience today, only thing it was a position for personal assistant..I suspected the united states postal money order was fake and found many red flags such as the strip, no name on the checks, post office zip code don’t exist etc. called the person listed on the fed ex package and found out her fed ex account was tapped and her credit card that was attached to that account

Karen - I answered an ad for a mystery shopper and received 2 US Postal Service money orders for $995.00 each. At first I didn’t know who would send me the money orders. I looked at my e mails and saw the mystery shopper sent e mail saying I would be receiving money today and to go to Walmart, make a purchase and also send balance of money to a guy in the Philippines. That raised a red flag and I took e mails and money orders to post office. Secret shopper guy sent me 2 e mails requesting a status update. I’m debating if I should tell him the post office confiscated the money orders or just say nothing and hope the postal inspector can catch the criminals.

Terry - Probably best to let the Post Office deal with it. Glad you didn’t lose any money.

Matt - Look folks, I am a federal agent. Great job catching this scam before it burned you. As for the idiot stating that we are too busy worrying about our raises, go screw yourself. I bust my ass and risk my life everyday.

Understand this, No prosecutor will touch this. There simply isn’t enough money involved. As a criminal investigator I not only have to fight the crime, I have to fight the U.S. Attorney’s Office to take the case! Litigation cost the govt. tons. They aren’t going to go to war over $2K!!!!

Learn about the system before posting ignorant comments.

Gio - omg. i just recieved two money orders each for $995. from a lady who has been emailing me as brendad pruitt. but the sender they came from was “sharron moore” hmmm. she says shes an archiect. and need a personnal asst. should i call the cops. not sure what to do cause they got my freakin address!!

Terry - Call the police to create a record. Good luck.

Quan - I just received two postal money orders for 950 each I also had and secret shopper email should I contact the cops or should jus rip em up

Terry - It wouldn’t hurt to report it. Though I’m not sure it will do much good.

alecia williams - dont know what do do now I have cashed them Help…. Dont wont to mess up with my bank been with them to long.

Terry - Go back to the bank and have them take a close look to make sure they are/aren’t legitimate. Go in and speak to a manager – not just a teller and get it figured out. Your account would likely get debited when they find the mistake. Good luck.

Marilyn - Well I just got 2 of the money orders this morning from Fed X same numbers ending 8002 for $998.00 each, this was another scam it was to wrap a car one place says from Los Angeles, Ca the other says from Rain Aid in Las Vegas This gal Vici Zeman looks as though she could be arrested for fraud, contacting police departmm

Patricia - i just recieved 2 money orders today for a mystery shopper for 965.00 they looked as real as they can be. but to find out that they was real this world is crazy so imma go to the post office tomorrow to report this i donno if any of u get emails from the person or not but i do and he tells me what to do and etc thank god i didnt have to pay anything

sasha - hey!!! exact same thing just happen to me! it was from a sale on craigs list. I was suspicious from the beginning when he sent me a check with too much money. when I tracked the check, it came from texas but was a tennessee company. so I called them and they new immediately that it was a stolen check from them. My email even had the same instructions and format as yours. ha ha… I emailed him back and he made up some dumb “misunderstanding story”. Sent me two money orders with yet another odd name. I call the person……..He too had just been sent two money orders with someones elses name on them…confused yet? These people have everyone elses name on the stuff son they themsevles cant be tracked…crazy

Nicole - The same thing happened to me. I got two money orders for $950 today from Craigslist. I was only selling $500 worth of stuff. I knew it was a scam before they sent me the money orders and told them I had changed my mind, but they still sent them. They were dated for October, and I didn’t put my stuff up for sale until about two weeks ago. I called my post office and asked how to tell if a money order is real. They said that they had no idea. I found this site and the money orders look exactly the same as the ones here.

chris - Secret shopper sent me a money order for $870$. Same 8002 at the bottom. for a 100 dollar purchase. By a Dennis Hunt. The watermark looks like the KFC guy.

bellamy blake - I just got one a couple days ago that looks exactly like your fake money order above. Its for $980 and says I’m to “secret shopper” the Western Union to know how my experience was.

I’m to cash this at MY BANK, send them $700 and keep rest for myself. Gee, thanx. What’ll happen is they will get $700 from me, I’ll end up owing my bank $980 plus whatever fees, etc…

I still have the package that the money order was mailed from:
(legal disclaimer for publishing name on mail): This was mailed to me with ill intent by a person/and or establishment that is trying to scam money from me. Other people are being affected by this. And so by doing this, it releases myself from any wrongdoing or slandering, because the address printed is such. I hope that this name/address reaches the authorities and/or people that care… and if its researched and found to be wrong, I believe they should be able to track the money that “would” be sent to the p.o. box provided to me in the letter.

To: Me (duh)
From: Sebastian Herrera
5575 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30338-4150

…. You will send the funds to:
Name: Jessy Carrol
Address: 600 J Villegas Street Ermita
City: Manilla

Additional Info: Please send emails to:

**I started getting these emails/packages/etc. after looking at several “mystery shopper” jobs on job websites. Just seems like they are selling our info? I don’t know. Wish they could track these people down!!!

Julia - My husband just received two checks $995 each from Sand Blasting Equipment corporation. Naturally, they have no idea what’s going on. Most probably they are not aware their FedEx A/C number had been stolen. He was indeed checking out secret shopper jobs. So this is where these people are getting our information. The sender on the checks is Joy Dunne from Cedar Lane, Lancing MI. We are not going to waste our time and report it to the Sheriffs department, but Thanks God for the Internet! Stay alert, folks!


Ashley - I am being scammed for that mystery shopping thing as well, but did not cash them thank goodness or we would have been stuck, but I filed a complaint to the FTC and now I am waiting for the police department to get back at me to file a report. I am sorry lilly that you are being stuck with having to pay them, I am just glad that I didn’t ! Hopefully we keep reporting all these fake names they are using they will eventually get caught, bunch of no goods

Glitz - I was sent 2 MO’s from A lady that knows nothing about it. My contact was Gideon Moore I think was his last name. I was only suppose to get one check and Fedex brought me two in the amount of $975 each. I immediately contacted the person on the label of where the MO’s were sent from. She and her super know nothing about this. I was to be a mystery shopper and after doing a survey on Wal-mart I was to do one on Western union by sending the balance to the Phillipines to another person. OK. But I called the PO and they told me they were bogus. I am pretty good friends with the postmaster. Ok tried to send the copies of the MO’s to the company that they came from. My email goes down. We went to town and when we came back there was another MO’s waiting for me from England so it says. But how did they get a USPO MO from England?? Do they even do that? It had a stamp on it of the queen. I am making copies of the MO’s and then handing them over to our local PO. Glitz

gina - hi, i got 2 money grams for 920$ each, same thing they wanted me to cash and then deposit the money, i already checked the money grams and they are NOT valid, but my question is what can they do with the information they already know about me( such as having my address and email, and just a casual photo) and should i report this to the police? thank you

Terry - Probaly a good idea to report it.

Terry - Feel free to email me at

trista - I just received the same thing in the mail and now that I know its a scam I am going to throw it in the trash

Vickie - I just received a money order in the mail. Joe Mansour is the name of the Recruiting Department, Secret Shopper, My instructions was to Western Union all but $150 to Jacqueline Stephens, 321 Texas, Fairfield, CA 84533. There were no phone numbers anywhere on the correspondence. Thanks all for your comments. I will be turning it over to the newspaper and the law. Have a wonderful day. (000008002)


Edna - Hey, my sister is going through this now. She got one and there was detailed instructions on how to secret shop wal-mart then transfer the money so the next person could do their part. Then she got three more a week later and they all looked good. She has cashed them all and that is over $3000. She has pulled all her money out of the bank and is planing on talking ot her banks and telling them what she has found out and will have to work out something on paying them back. This is crazy.

David - I am a postal employee that just tried to deliver a scam overnight letter. Won’t go into the details of the scam, but basically the same MO…overpaid for a puppy, please send the difference, blah blah.

The recipient refused it, having concerns about her puppy going to someone she could not be sure would care properly for it, but when she told me about the overage, etc, I told her it was a scam.

Anyway, the supervisor at work had never heard of these scams. sigh. But finally she copied the large envelope, but I’ll bet it is even now in the trash.

Good luck on getting the Postal Inspectors involved. It is easier to catch employees over small potatoes.

Tammy - Hey Terry I just received my “First Assignment for Mystery Shopper”. What caught my eye right away was that I received not one but two money orders for $935.00. I was instructed to cash them at my local back keep $200.00 for myself go to Wal-Mart and spend $50.00 then go to Western Union and do a money transfer to someone in England. Then email the guy with my report. The money order was from a M. Jones in Trizngle, VA the letter was from Marvin H. Sachse, 4635 Admiral TY Way, Mirina Dl Rey, CA 90292-6903. There was way too much confusion, the letter was not on letterhead, not signed. I am glad I found you guys online and I will surely alert everyone I know online. As everyone has said this has to be stopped before someone looses all they have.

Deborah... - Well I’m reading and it all sounds too familar..I too applied to the Secret Shopper scam. I received 2 MO for the amount of 950.00 each I think..tucked them away…in the stolen FedX delivery bag.. I was supposed to do the whole Western Union thing….Did these Individuals ask anyone else what they did for a living because they did ask me….The first thing I did was check this out and thanks to alot of you’all I DID NOT pursue this..I have been a secret shopper in the past for a reputable company so I didnt have my hackels up so to speak!My Bad!In my informational e-mail everyone lives on “MAIN STREET”..IN NEW YORK…in Norman Oklahoma..all on”MAIN STREET”..unfortuntantely the ones that have cashed this you are in the fight of your life and my heart goes out to you..and your right not much gets done with these types of investigations because there not real high on the priority list…Just not Right!!!

Robert - I also got two post office money orders!!!!!!!! In the sum of $999.00 each. They have B.FRrank water marks and all the codes, and they are blank, no name un-made out. Alao; There was no note telling why or what to do with the money orders…
I know they are fake, but I plan on checking them out with the post office to see what they say. By banking them if they are fake I will get charged $30.00 on each money order even if I don’t take the money out when I bank them.

I checked out the name & address on the package and it is real.

valerie - i just recieved a postal money order frm a guy named adrian heintz fedex for 990$ no benjerminwater mark either wht the heck is really going on wht are these people trying to pull i dont even own a business i work at a packing house so it came out of the blue wht do i do ?

Terry - Report it or destroy it, my advice.

k - a tip for anyone who does lose money on this – submit a report to

jennifer - I fell for the scam and am currently out over $2000, i really thought the place was legite. The process from a secret shopper took a couple weeks and than i received my first assignment. Same MO as everyone else. When i received the overnight package from the USPS i couldn’t believe how real the money orders looked, I have never heard of the scam and feel like such an idiot for falling for it. I did exactly what the email requested, and the crazy thing, i researched the company who’s web address was listed on bottom of all my correspondance and it was legit. However i should of looked into it further and would of know of the scam. My bank will not help me, they said to file a police report and call the attorney general. I read a statement earlier from a women who made a good statement, the bank should up in this matter, they are covered for instances like this, we the consumer are not.

Richard - on 3/23/12 I received two Counterfeit Postal Money Orders for $895 each. I went to my local post office to verify if they were real. The local Post Master took them w/ the letter and the Express Mail envelope they came in. I received a letter saying it was payment for link exchanges on my personal website and to e-mail them for further instructions. I am glad I followed my instincts and didn’t fall for it.

Cristina - I also received an e-mail to be a mystery shopper. received two money orders for the amount of $933.50. My instructions were to send money to someone in the Phillipines. I called the post office to verify the money orders. The United States Post Office Money Order Verification System # is 1-866-459-7822. They were fake. Glad I did not cash them!

Erin - My husband received a postal money order for 990.36 twice. The first time we cashed it, because we thought it was from a family member helping us out financially. Then 2 days later we got another one.. 000008002 from Robert Garman in Philadephia. Should we call the police??

Terry - I would report it. You will likely be on the hook for the one you cashed. Good luck. Feel free to post the results here.

egr - I got 2 MO’s today and cashed 1. I’ve been researching the info and now I think its a scam! I’m so mad! Am I going to jail now for cashing it?? I plan on going to the bank tomorrow with all this info…help!

coco - thanks for the tips, I received three and didnt cash any. I called the Federal Trade Commission and they took a report so the persons name is on file. I would suggest that everyone do the same. Your local police department wont do anything except tell you to forget about it or file a report, which they wont do anything about. So, dont cash an outrageous check….

Deborah - I received 2 postal money orders today. I am going to call police.
Both money orders were for 920.00 each. This is my first assignment. I know it is a scam.

Cassandra - I too received a mystery shopper email. Looked legit! Said some BS about how I had to submit my info (name, address, etc). Did that. David Miller (definately a fake name) contacted me, told me that I would receive funds in FedEx envelope, that I was supposed to cash, and I would received my $200 from that. Got FedEx enevelope today, opened to see 2 MO’s for $933.50 each. Suspicious enough to research this online BEFORE doing anything. Found this site, read through all comments and have decided NOT to do anything about this. Will copy these and send them to police if I get anymore emails regarding this (i.e. harassment from David Miller – if that really is his name). However I think I will have a little bit of revenge fun. I think I will email him and say I did NOT get the FedEx that he promised and see what the dumb jerk says (or does). Ha ha ha ha…..

Tammy - I just recently received an email from to shop at Walmart but then the assignment came and it was for a western union job to cash the cashiers check keep $150.00 and western union the rest to
Rannisha Hughes
321 Texas St.
Fairfield CA 94533
I’m glad that when I was looking over the cashiers check I noticed no phone numbers or bank address on the check so that sparked my interest to verify this was legit. Thanks guys for the heads up!

maria - wow terry glad i ran up on this information. I received one to and called us postal to verify and they said its a fraud and gave me the number to us postal inspector I received this from Mystery shopper also . I will be taking this to the police and printing out the email and text messages. the funny thing is they thought i was stupid and would cash the money order for 955.00 it really looked faked to me , and they are very presistent in wanting to know if you got it

Danielle - I just found this blog when searching for information about a USPS scam. This morning I received a Registered Certified envelope containing only 2 postal money orders both for $950. The scammers must be getting great or dumber because, the money orders look immaculent, thwy have the foil strip, the front and rear watermarks. I never signed up for anything, nor have I received any emails regarding this situation or the likeness thereof. So now I’m wondering where they came from, and how’d they find me……then envelope has a Missouri return address and the MO’s have a Texas return address…….what I’m trying to figure out is how do they expect to make anything because I have no contact information other than these bogus addresses which I googled……….this is very upsetting and unsettling

kelly - I received a 2400 dollar cashier’s check for mystery shopping.. I was to deposit in my bank account and do a wire transfer from western Union..It was Alpine Bank in Colorado so I called them and as so as I told the lady the name of the person that sent it to me she told me it was a scam, she asked if I would send all the info to there fraud unit.. I went to the local police department I was told they could shred it for me because they couldn’t do anything so i went to my bank just to let them know to beware… The rep from the bank took the cashier’s check and it is being sent to the fraud investigation unit and they will be getting ahold of Alpine Bank… Well today I received a Postal Money Order for 902 dollars they are good it has the water marks and the security strip, But it has the 8002 on the bottom.My was sent by USPS Priorty Mail I am suppose to wire money to Donica Jones in chicago Illinois… This one is from Mystery Shoppers Services… I am a mystery shopper with reputable company’s I love my job but I am very learly of these other companies.. I will be reporting this to the post office..I am pissed off.

chary - i have resived a check for a job that i was suppose to do as a baby sitter the payment came tru fe dex i took it to my bank and i asked a maneger if the check was real befor i diposite it but the 2,865 dollar were fake ,,the guy told me not to put it in that it was bogas,later in the afternoon i resived a money order for the amount of 990.10 ,this time after emailing back and foward the guy finaly disides to call and ask me if i cashed the money order like he said i was like its fake ,thank god i dint diposit none of them or eals i would have been in a big problem,,lesson well learned

will - We received two m.o today from priority mail for 985 dollars didn’t cash either of them decided to research we don’t know the guy and their wasn’t nothing else sent with them or nothing from e mail gots watermarks but the same 8002 . Going to take them to P.O. in the morning.Thanks, this page helped me decide what to do without costing me way more than I want to spend!

Melissa Hall - This is Will Ditto’s Fiance and I am the one that got the money orders today through the mail and couldn’t figure out where they came from and then I remembered that I signed up to become a secret shopper but it was a scam..and here is the email that was sent to me by the person who was suppose to sent it but the person that is on the money order is named Joe Mansour, 18612 Stare St, Northridge, CA, 91324 USA and then here is the email i got sent to me with a totally different name on it

Greetings to you,

The payment for your first evaluation assignment was mailed out to you through United States Postal Service (USPS MAIL). The payment is in form of Money Order (2 pieces of United States Postal Service Money Orders). As you receive it, write your name on the left side of the money order, where is says “Pay to”, then you are to sign at the back of the Money order where is says “Endorse Signature” then go ahead to your bank to deposit the funds. Then collect cash from the cashier for the evaluation.

Please write a detailed report on the quality of the customer service and the time it took to complete the transaction. Please document your observations of the entire experience and also the duration it took you to cash the Payment.

You are also to take down notes without them seeing your notepad. They should be unaware that you are judging them, you may do that when you are out of the Outlet. I need to know whether you were able to carry out your assignment on the same day or you were told to deposit and come back on a later date.

WAGES:- 10%
Then you are to deduct 10% of the actual amount received as your commission and proceed to the nearest Western Union outlet to wire the remaining funds to the Name and Address below. Deduct the transfer charges from the 90% left and send the balance to another mystery shopper in the name and address below

Receiver’s Name-

Name……… Paula Bradford
Address…… 12 Adriatico Street
City……… Malate
State…….. Manila
Country…… Philippines
Zip Code ….1004

Once that is completed email the MTCN 10 digits for Western Union as soon as you have wired the funds and the exact amount wired after the deduction of transfer fees with a detailed evaluation of your bank and Western Union Outlet.


1) Senders Name and Address
2) 10 Digit Money Transfer Control Number {MTCN} for Western Union
3) The amount transferred after deducting transfer charges.
4) You should use your full name and address when sending the money.

Below are the details of your report that you should email back immediately you are done with the assignment:

1) Full name and address of the Western Union location that you visited.
2) Quality of their customer service
3) How many employees appeared to be at the outlet?
4) Security system {if any}: Did you feel safe there?
5) The Duration it took them to serve you and process transfer

To ensure that you are given additional assignments, please make sure you follow all directions completely and complete the assignment today and get back to us with details as requested above immediately.

Head of Recruiting Department,
Anthony Fitzergerald

Communications & Human Resources Center, USA.
1211, Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Jaime - I signed up for a secret shopper assignment online, and received a check a few days later for $1,920. I didn’t cash the check or deposit it, but I took it to a check cashing place to see if it was real. Of course, it wasn’t. In with that check was a letter telling me to cash the check within 48 hours, keep $200 for myself, spend $50 at Wal Mart, and western union or money gram the balance. Of course I was suspicious, and threw it away. Then today, a couple days later, I got a FedEx envelope containing a $975 postal money order with no letter or anything in with it. I’ve read the comments above, and the serial number of my money order matches. My concern is that these creeps know my address now. My money order was postmarked Arkansas, and the address on the money order itself was Texas. Also, it was dated for about a month ago, before I ever signed up for the assignment. It’s really sad that you can’t even try and earn an honest living these days. I was just looking for a way to make some extra cash. I’m a single Mom of 3, and extra cash would help. What was the point of sending me the second money order with no instructions on what to do with it? The local police aren’t going to do anything, I guess I will take this money order down to the post office tomorrow and turn it in. This makes me so angry that these people are taking money from hard working people, and scamming us. Seems like there should be a way to catch them. I mean, if we wire money somewhere, the police could be waiting on whomever picks it up, and catch them, right?

Ichelle Washington - @Jaime
Do you remember the name of the mystery shopping company so we know to stay away from them. I do a lot of mystery shopping work, so this would be good INFO?

Terry - I’m sure they change their names often. Keep checking this blog for more updates.

andrea - I’m glad I decided to research this. It sounded just too good to be true. I just received one postal money order Adrian Heintz in the Bronx but my “assignment” was from Steven Williams at Walmart and my text correspondence was from Paul Vanz and the Fedex envelope was from Sandra Tipson at Blue Whale Pub. (who I tried to call and let her know that her FEDEX acct. had been stolen-but the number was invalid)and I send the remaining funds to Beverly Seratt in Arkansas. Too many names and it was getting squirrely. I am worried, however, that this fraudulent business has my name and address. I will report this to the Federal Trade Commission

Cory - Yep. Just got a letter today via FedEx from Vermont, which piqued my interest since I have friends there. It had a USPS money order for $950 along with a two page letter enclosed detailing a Mystery Shopper job that involved my evaluating my bank’s customer service at the time of cashing the MO, then evaluating the CS at the Western Union from where I should wire the remaining funds after keeping $150 for myself (very much like Melissa Hall’s experience). I guess the scammers are getting lazy by removing the “middle-man” (e.g. Wal-Mart). The MO looks exactly like the ones pictured above, complete with the same 8002 routing number and even Ben Franklin watermarks on both sides. Fortunately, I pay child support via USPS MOs and they looked nothing like what I received. Even the copyright on the MO was four years old, although the date of issue was only last week. Furthermore, if the MO’s appearance wasn’t enough to raise a red flag, the letter itself was reminiscent of Craigslist scams of which I am well aware. It did mention email messages that were sent to me, which I checked and subsequently found buried in my Junk folder (they are now tucked away in a folder aptly named “Scams”.). Same guy (Jeffrey Lawson) on each email, as well as the letter (though not signed), but different from the MO (Faye Cochran from Eden Mills, VT, also on the return address on the shipping label; my guess is her FedEx account was compromised) and the WU contact (Marcus Hill in Valdosta, GA). No actual company name other than Secret Shopper, although the Board of Mystery Evaluation Team is referenced as well. At any rate, a nice little surprise at first, but I research ALL suspicious communiques (email and snail mail), especially when money is involved. Funny how he obtained my address, which tells me that some of these so-called work-at-home sites are selling our information.

Thelma W - I also replied to a Mystery Shopper job. I also received two suppose to be Postal Money Orders for $925.55, blank. 1) An odd amount for an money order, 2) From New York and different sender than who has sent emails or text messages. 3) Constant questions of when the money orders will be deposited. I had my suspicions because I have received a fraudulent check last year and only the money orders where in FEDEX envelope from some unknown address. I tell the person texting me about when or if I made the deposit that there was an issue at my bank with the money order, that the bank is questioning the amount. The idiot says I told you to deposit through the bank’s ATM and to just make the deposit. At this point the person is antsy about the deposit. I then tell him or her later the deposit was made {no such thing happened}. The person then asked how much is the bank releasing right away and did I withdraw the funds, so I respond with $100, with no withdrawal was made. He or she then says go withdraw the $100 and check the bank at 8am the next day to withdraw the remaining funds that will clear. The total of two money orders, $1851.10, which makes no sense for a $300 assignment. Criminals work too damn hard to do wrong, rather than be honest and be free. Thanks for sites like this to help ordinary people from being taken advantage of.

kimberly - well i sign up for mystery shopper walmart then got a postal money order for $984.00 i was supost to cash its at my bank spend $ 50.00 at walmart shopping 10 min.s aleast take notes,then keep $150.00 then westernunion the rest taking out the transfer charges to williaiam berad birth bistorl tennesseethenand email my report of cashiers name and walmart add. i went to and should be sentto via email ( immediately the transfer is made and you text my phon to confirm it to have completed your assignment (425) 610 -7092 then it say warm regards steven williams walmart the postal money order say adrin heintz 32 richmon plaza bronx ny 10453- fedex says sandra tipson blue whale publications stillwater, ok. 74074 so should i take it to the cops or the news or post office what should i do i want it stoped

Terry - Do all of the above. If you go to the news, feel free to use the info you found at Good luck.

Kendra - Wow am I ever glad I researched fake money orders!!!! This same thing happened to me yesterday! My money orders look just like yours terry but the Ben Franklin on them! This lady Anita Mary had an ad on Craigslist for a medical assistant and eye care opening starting at $15 an hour. So I responded and then she emailed me but the job was not for the medical assistance job it was for me to be her assistance. My first job was to deposit or cash the money orders keep my pay of $550 and take the $1320 out for her orphanage but she wouldnt tell me the address of the orphanage. She was texting me all day about whether I cashed the money orders or not so I finally told her I did (WHICH I DID NOT) and I told her the bank red flagged them as fake and she continued to ask me why and I said because dumb people make fraudulent money and don’t think they’ll get caught! Like I said I’m so glad I did more research on this. I will be contacting fed ex today about this too as well. Would of been nice to have the $550 but not so nice to be out $1320! Thanks again!!

Lori - I also received one of the bogus postal money orders by USPS priority mail. As I was job searching I came across a work-from-home opportunity. I immediately received an e-mail after I entered my contact info. which is listed on my resume anyway so I wasn’t too reluctant to give it. The e-mail thanked me for emailing my info. to show my interest. It went on to say that this e-mail served as notification that “you have gotten the job”. and that the “HR managers have gone through your contact information that is now entered into our database,henceforth your major role is to take care of the company’s fund and help facilitate to other accounting departments” This was a definite red flag for me considering my experience as a recruiter for 16 years. No interview, no ss#, no background check but you want to put me in charge of your company’s funds??? I replied and said that I would like to get familiar with the company. Please e-mail your website address. They said they were just getting the website up. After a couple more questions about the company’s products and employee manual,etc. ,with suspicious e-mailed responses I e-mailed back and said “Thank you for the information. Please remove my name from your employment roster. I am no longer able to join your company.” The only response I received days later was the USPS money order for $996 with the same numbers (000008002). My husband found this very helpful information from Terry as we researched these people. I will make a police report. Thank you Terry for sharing this information it has confirmed my initial suspicion. Thank you also to everyone that has shared their stories. And to those who did not have the discernment at the time to question the process, I pray that GOD has and/or will make provision for you to straighten out your accounts. At a time when this world is suffering in recession many people could fall victim to this out of desperation. Just trust GOD like I do and he’ll see you through and meet all of your needs. In Jesus’ name. Be blessed, everyone and thank you again.

Add - I just received a money order for $995.00 for mystery shopper which was an email from Comcast asking if i wanted to be a mystery shopper. The money order is fake it is just like you people are saying in this blog. I am going to email the person and tell them i cashed it and i am sending the $775.00 to them, and they should receive it in 10 days. See if they email me back when they don’t get it. Iam suppose to keep $200.00 and buy $20.00 item at Walmart and do a survey about it. I cant wait to see what happens. In the meantime i will take it to the police dept, and let them deal with it.

Claudia - Please email me to key me know what you have done about this.I received a package today from a company called was for $890,I WAS SUPPOSED to keep $120 for my commission and send $690 to a third party for her assignment. I almost fell for it but why am i sending money to another person? Thank god my husband told me about this scam because he did it years ago.I dont think reporting it will make a difference but Im sorry for the people that got caught up. People fall for this because it’s so Hard to find jobs out here that you will do almost anything to make money to pay your bills.Im just going too forget about it and move on.I hope these people are caught, it’s to hard out here for them to take your hard earned cash.

Rouslan - Sometimes I do sell on Craigslist and I receiving many offers to pay with MO or cashiers checks and I do accept them :) First time I got fake cashiers check, brought it to the bank and ask if anyone is in charge of fake checks but looks like no one was interested. I told that this accaunt could be compromised and the person’s name could be of risk of fraud but still no one seems to care, later one guy came out and took that check from me. Wow! OK. Second check I brought to another bank and same story. Third check I brought to local police station, they took it but I had a feeling that they will not do anything about it neither. Forth one I brought to the USPS and clerk told me that they will investigate. I hope. If you’d ask why I do that is because I want those scambags not only gain on other people but to loos some money at least on sending me mail. $5-$12 of their loss makes me happy! Before, they were even sending me prepaid label from fedex which I had to put on the box with the goodies I was selling. One time I put a concrete slab instead of laptop and, oh boy it was delivered to nigeria :) !!! Second time I also packed some trash and it was out of the country again! So, now i got two postal MO and keep playing this game. The more those id..ots spend, happier I am :) Why? because authorities will not do nothing against these crooks unless the amount will be greater than $10,000 but regular people who fell in it will continue to suffer.

Terry - The only problem with your plan is that they also steal the FedEx account from someone. So in the end, FedEx takes the hit and eventually passes that cost on to the consumer. I do think it’s amusing that these folks get a package that they think is worth something only to find your trash. That is good!

Tina - Hi I just received some money orders today and they are definitely a scam I made a police report and they are going to contact me shortly. This is so

robert accetturi - Hi terry,i just received some money orders today like yours.It is 1/2/13.These supposedly came from a william weimer at osi group.After calling them they said he works there but this was a scam.I’ve given the info to them and the attorney generals office.osi said they will try and find out what they can because weimer is one of their vice-presidents and they are going to pusue this as identification fraud.they were upset.this all came about because i filled an application out on craigslist for a job.thanks for the heads up

margan - I received money orders from a guy name James carter and he claim he is an employee from mystery shopper and he wants me to cash them and wire money to a lady name Tonya or somebody but anyways I felt like it was a scam so I decided to email him and let him know that I cashed the 1,890 he been just been texting me lord knows I been given him the runaround….Trying to scam me not going to happen so ima get much information as possible them ima get the cops involved…lol ppl are crazy so don’t be noones fool don’t allow them to convince you that this is okay its not….So I Did Not Cash My Money Orders…..thanking god single parent three kids and no cash to throw away……

Thelma Anderson - The same thing happenned to me. Only difference is he posed as a love interest on Facebook. He had ask me for money straight out but of course I said no. So, I guess this was a last resort; he told me I would receive two money orders for $995 each and as soon as I receive deposit it in my bank. He was very adamant about me depositing the money orders in my bank. Of course I did not, I had felt there was something suspicious about him all the time. The money orders are identical to yours and was sent with 2 different names and a third name to western union the cash to. I went on a website called “Been Verified” and checked them out; they were fake people. Also, none of what I received had the contact’s name on it.

mary - I fell for the secret shopper scam, I received emails for from a greg crawford, and a larry jones, with two different fed ex envelopes, The first came usps, I did make the mistake of cashing the first money with the promise of $150,so now I am scammed for $850, Shame on me. However i will not be scammed again, The two fed ex envelopes are going to handed over to the police dept,Then I will make sure my bank is aware.Both envelopes total $4750,Not going to happen again, So People lets fight back on Scammers, go on line and report to everyone, Yahoo, USPS, Western unions and stop this once and for all.I filed with FBI and others, and I wont stop there, Beware of secret shoppers, and do not cash money orders or any thing that looks suspicious.

Celle - Dear all,

I just read all your stories and comments, I have received yesterday may 7 from FedEx with money postal order worth$935 as mystery shopper….what I did was ! i deposited it to my account…I’m worried because I think this is scam so what gonna happen to my account? Pls. Help me….then today may 8 I received 2 postl money order worth $975 each, I called up to verify the serial number and found out it was a fake…..

Terry - My advice is don’t spend the money in the account, because the bank will take it out. Probably best to notify the bank as soon as possible about what happened.

Celle - Thanks terry, you’re right, I notified the bank yesterday. God bless.

Lianne - I just received my secret shopper instructions today. $990.45 postal money order with the Ben Franklin Watermark. As someone said earlier, they are getting better. I have the 0000008002 number on the money order as well. I am going to the police with this on Monday. These people need to be caught and charged!

Shelia ramp - I had got the same thing. Mine was for a secret shopper on line position. I recieved the fed-ex pkg today. You could totally see that this MO was a fake. These people are ruthless!!!!! What a cruel evil world we live in…..sad sad. I’m not cashing these an will send them back. I called the number went straight to voicemail. Emailed the guy back said it was a scam an recieved another secret shopper notification. No brains in this one get a life loser!!!!!!!

Ms.Meka - I have the same problem was offered a job as a personal assist. was sent out two money orders for $975 from Robert Denise. I cashed them and now my bank is telling me my acct is frozen and under invest. they look real even has the watermark. I went online when I got them to see if they were real so after seeing the ben franklin I was ok but now I have a problem the number I have id for a google acct. I have called it even left mine which now he text asking have the funds been sent.

Ms. Meka - The google # for the suppose to be Dr Robert Denise is 7133096826 does anyone else have the same or has talked to this person??? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!

Toni robinson - The same thing just happened to me, I recevied fake money orders too for $970.50, for a mystery shopper job, my first assignment I would be paid 200.00 to evaluate Walmart money gram. I deposited the check and it was returned. What do I do?

Toni - The company that scammed me is Precision Research with contact person Dennis Garner email and Binge Research contact person John Wade Luna they are both fraud mystery shopper reps. They sent me fake money orders from the post office and a check from PNC with instructions for the assignment. The first money order I recevied for 970.50 I deposited it in my bank and it took over night and cleared, I withdrew the funds and carried out with my so-called assigment, I was suppose to be paid 200.00 for this, take 30 dollars out and purchase goods of my choice from Walmart. Evaluate how long it took to get service? The outlook of the store? Smartness of attendant? Customer professionalism? and My impressions and concerns. Then part B of the assignment was to money gram 682.00 and the fees for money would be 58.00 to Kacey Torpey in Harrison New York the next secret shopper. With instructions to email the rep John senders info of the money gram and Reference# Once I done this I emailed him my report. Then I recieved 3 more money orders with the same amounts this time I were to keep 300.00 and send 1305.00 threw western union and 1305.00 money gram minus their charges and do and evaluation on the differences of the company. I’m thinking this is legit. So I deposited them. In the process of the three money orders having to clear the first check was returned alerted ficticious and my account is now restricted. Dennis Garner sent the cashier check from PNC via FedX with similar instructions to the other assignment. But he claim I was referred to be The regional representative and this would be my training session. This check was for 1680.00 and I were to keep 200.00 and Western union the remaining minus the charges. Those money orders are still in my bank I had to contact my bank and they are reporting the returned check. I also called Money gram and reported this, with the reference number on the reciept and the Federal trade commision. The checks will be returned and I will be charged a return fee plus I am responsible for the 970.50 that was returned. When I tried emailing them I am not gettin a response back. Be careful dont become victim to this scam.

David - I recieved a 935$ USPS money order just like the one shown with the same instructions, fortunately I dropped it in the ATM check receiver and it misread the amount of the check which then in turn put a block on it until it was verified being Friday evening and Veterans Day being Monday it would be a while just long enough for me to ask questions, I’m really struggling and I was able to take out my cut and the portion to do the walmart “mystery shopping” but that was all so as I Waited for the rest to clear to send the money via western union I started questioning it. Thank god I’m only out 230, now I’m baiting the guy via text messages hoping this check bounces and maybe the police can help me

Terry - Thanks for the post. This site is being transferred to – go there and post this comment so it will be searchable for years to come.

kacey - i wrote that my name is kacey torpey and i have no idea what this is about. i never recieved money orders in my name. i said i would like to know how i can help. my messaged was deleated and i am very upset. when u google my name this comes up. i want my name out of this. i am asking nicley.i wan to help figure out whats going on. espcially bc my name was used. i hope we can figure it out. but im asking who ever posted my name to take it name off of this fraud thing. this is not fair. i dont know anything about this. i am very sorry it happend

brittney - Hello I jist received one for $990. Im going to report it to my local police station. They really need yo stop.the money order has that its from H***** B**** but the usps package says its from E***** T******. What all should I do?

brittney - Hello I just received one for $990. Im going to report it to my local police station. They really need yo stop.the money order has that its from Helene Berry but the usps package says its from Ernie Thigpen. What all should I do?

Terry - Report it and don’t cash and spend the money. That’s about all you can do. Good luck.


JayJay - Just thinking:
Wouldn’t these criminals need access to your bank accounts to know you had the necessary $875 in to mail back??
Now, that’s even scarier.

Dawn - I just fell victim to this, but they are posing as a couple needing daycare. They used the name C***** M*****. I’m so upset & my local police won’t do anything. Please be careful, don’t be victimized.

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